Governance and Civic Education (GCE)

In 2004, SONAD initiated the ‘Community-based Civic Education as Empowerment for Peace and Justice’ project in Khartoum, Sudan.The project aimed to link social activists from both northern and southern Sudan based in Khartoum, through training in nonviolence. A total of 509 persons (48% women and 38% Muslims) participated in the training workshops conducted by SONAD. A total of 11 trainers have been trained thus constituting a pool of local trainers. Further 3,228 participants have received training as indirect beneficiaries of the programme. In total, 6,593 persons have directly benefited from the training activities since 2004.


The training activities were inter-ethnic and sought to bridge the otherwise sharp dividing line between Christians and Muslims in Khartoum. An independent evaluation was conducted in 2007, in which an overwhelming percentage of respondents in the survey of participants and interviewees reported that the activities have helped them to know more about other people (their religion and culture) thus changing attitudes towards them. Participants have not only learnt together, but have also taken actions together (such as joint training workshops and forums).

Community Civic Education Workshop