The Alternatives to Violence Project Facilitators’ Forum South Sudan (AVP FF SS) is a group of 17 facilitators of the Alternatives to Violence Project who had been trained in October 2009 by the Sudanese Organization for Nonviolence and Development (SONAD) Juba office, in cooperation with the Civil Peace Service Program of German Development Service (DED), and in November 2009 formed the forum and decided to hold monthly meetings of the facilitators to:

  • Exchange experiences with applying the knowledge and skills of the Alternatives to Violence Project in the conflict setting of Southern Sudan
  • Improve their skills of facilitation by practicing together and giving each other constructive feedback
  • Form teams to hold workshops and outreach activities of the Alternatives to Violence Project in Schools, communities, community based Organizations among others in cooperation with other organizations and institutions.
  • Hold monthly meetings to look for way forward towards expanding the activities of AVP to other places and also to discuss progress of the forum.

Then early 2010, the Second Training of Facilitators of the Alternatives was organized by SONAD with support from the Civil Peace Service of the German Development Service, 14 Facilitators were graduated bringing the Number of the Facilitators in South Sudan to 31.